About Me

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Hi! I'm aspol12! I've been interested in HTML, CSS and stuff like that since
I was around 8-9. This is my first web project that I've taken seriously and dedicated myself to.
As you can tell, I'm a Pokémon fan, mostly everything Nintendo I enjoy. I also really like rhythm games (Beat Saber, Arcaea, Rhythm Heaven, Osu) Just to name a few I enjoy, not particularly good at any of them tbh.
I also play Geometry Dash, currently as of writing this (Sep 1, 2022) my hardest demon is Nine Circles.

I'm from Canada, have moved around a bunch and am currently living on a big foggy rock.
Honestly I never expected myself to work on this website so much since normally these turn out to be something I work on once then throw away.
I don't know how annoying the background music can get on these pages, but I only put it there so I could listen to some of my favourite Pokémon soundtracks quickly and on repeat while I do other things.

My Discord is aspol12#9931